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We live in an exciting time period...we are living longer, but more importantly, we are living great lives, not just good lives!  Life expectancy has nearly doubled in about the last 100 years!  With our advances in medicine and technology, we also have been introduced to amazing advancements to make life more enjoyable and vivacious! And Anti-Aging, Inc. is a medical clinic focused soley on anti-aging.  We offer all of the most state of the art in aesthetics, medical weight loss, platelet rich plasma and hormone replacement therapy.  We offer something exciting for anyone wanting to look and feel better!


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is the process of balancing hormone levels that are often depleted as we age. When we age, these hormone levels decline & the effects are lack of energy, lowered sex drive, loss of bone & muscle mass & diminished drive and happiness. We also may experience depression & even an increased risk of heart disease. The whole process can be quite discouraging! There is hope! When we bring the body's natural hormone levels back into equilibrium, we see an increased sense of well being, increase in bone density and muscle mass, positive effects in sexual desire and function as well as an overall increased sense of satisfaction in ones life. We can call for lab work and have answers for you within a day or two. Once results are in, our practitioners will go over the results with you & propose different options. Click Here to learn more about hormone treatment options now.

 Botox┬« and Dermal Fillers

In the past, Botox and fillers were only available to the rich and famous. In the last few years however, things have changed and now the cost of Botox has lowered dramatically and consequently, is now affordable for practically anyone! Botox and dermal fillers are a great alternative to facelifts. And we at Anti-Aging, Inc. are excited to offer patients botox and dermal fillers to maintain a very natural, more youthful look. We are experts in utilizing just the right amount of product to get the best results, but without being overly noticeable. Stubborn wrinkles that you've tried every lotion and potion to reduce seem to be permanent. We love to change all of that and make people excited to look in the mirror again! After treatments, patients claim their friends & family only notice that they "seem well rested!" ;)  And that is our goal with every patient; to help them look their best without making anything look unnatural or noticeable! Click Here to learn more!

For questions on medical weight loss or anything you don't see on the website please, give us a call and we can answer any questions or concerns.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is another facet of Anti-Aging, Inc. that offers solutions to so many applications. PRP therapy is a great treatment for hair loss both for men and women. In as few as two or three treatments, one can see significant hair growth! Compared with the alternatives, this is miraculous and much, much more affordable! In the past, PRP has been used to speed up the healing process with joint injuries. Patients with partial ligament tears & tendon soreness have seen significant improvement with as little as one treatment.  And now another exciting application in PRP is for treatment of wrinkles on the face and neck due to collagen degradation from sun exposure and aging. Patients can see results compared to those of  actual facelift patients! And there's virtually never a reaction since we use your body's own biology for treatments. Click Here to learn more about PRP Therapy today!