One of the most satisfying facets of our business is the esthetics portion! There is nothing that brings a greater satisfaction than seeing the elation in patient's faces and demeanor when they come back for another treatment. They are not only satisfied, they tell us of their friends and associates that continue to give them support and compliments in their new appearance.  Let us show you the new you and accentuate the natural beauty you already possess! We explain a little more in detail below the differences in some of the treatments we offer. Let us know how we can help out! Our favorite thing to do is a "Botox® Party!" And we offer very nice incentives for you who decide to invite a handful of friends over for a night of fun! Give us a call and let's set one up! 

  • Botox®   This is the first and most well known in pharmaceutical wrinkle reducers. It is a completely natural, purified protein. It is a prescription medication that qualified practitioners inject into the face, most times in the forehead, sides of eyes and between eyebrows, all of which temporarily dramatically reduce wrinkles in "crow's feet," frown lines and on the forehead. There are many other options available. All of which have pros and cons. Call and set-up an appointment with us to answer any questions!
  • Dysport® This is also a prescription medication derived from the exact thing as Botox®, botulinum toxin a. The difference is Dysport®  is slightly more affordable and has a slightly smaller molecular makeup and consequently acts faster.
  • Xeomin®  As the above, Xeomin® is also botulinum toxin a. But it is a "naked" version. It does not need to be refrigerated, unlike the two medications listed above.  This makes Xeomin® the perfect medication to use when you and your friends set-up a "Botox®" party for one of our skilled professionals to stop by and "entertain" you all! ;) Give us a call and we can answer questions about setting up a party. The great news is, the party host receives 20% off of their treatments that visit. This can add up to a nice chunk of savings!
  • Juvederm®  Now we are going to talk about dermal fillers. Fillers can be used in conjunction with any of the botulinum toxin a medications to complete the artwork and enhance your natural beauty! Fillers work to, just like the name implies, "fill in" areas of the face that have loosened, flattened or wrinkled due to the natural aging process. The most common areas dermal fillers are used are in the lips to create a fuller look or create better symmetry between the two sides. The second most common use is to create volume in the top of the cheek area. We all lose some of this youthful "v" shape as we age and the skin can actually sag below the jaw line creating jowls (some misspell it as jowels). A little filler creates the higher cheek bone appearance and truly makes us look younger. The third most common area fillers are used is between the nose and cheeks in what is referred to as the nasolabial fold. It is the crease that appears from age, sleeping patterns, etc. Fillers make this area nice and smooth again. Take notice next time you watch a film when the try and age someone. That is the first thing they create to make the actor appear older is this nasolabial fold!
  • Restylane®  An additional dermal filler we use to create volume and fill in voids.
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